Parga lies 77 km (48 miles) from Preveza and 90 km (56 miles) from Arta. It is a small, picturesque town built in a semi-circle round the bay. Franked by small inlets, coves , sandy beaches and islets, parga is surrounded by wooded hills.

Parga has beautiful natural surroundings. It is hills are covered in olive, pine and cypress a perfect complement  to the attractive indented costline and wooded islets just offshore. The town shelters behind a rocky headland crowned by a venetian fort.

An array of brightly conopied coffees and restaurants lines the waterfront. Behind, narrow, lanes, small shops, and old houses, climb the hill.

Night live is whatever you want to make it, from traditional taverns to lively music bars.

The is a perfectly fine town beach from which you can pedal or swim to one of the islands in the bay.


However most head of magnificent valtos beach just around the headland, or lichnos further south. Both are long sheltered and sandy, and love a full range of water sports.

Water taxis shuttle inexpensively twixt harbor and beach. The more energetic can walk over the headland to valtos  about 20 minutes.

Parga is a organised resort which holds great appeal for all ages and nationalities. It gets particularily busy in the high season ( a five week period from end-july) and sometimes at weekends with greeks, so far, Parga’s character and charm have enabled it survive. It’s recent popularity.   

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